Guest Announcement – Andee Frizzle!

If you thought having the system lords out in force at Cal’Mah 2 was scary, make way for nearly every Wraith Queen to be present at CM3!

The majority of the Wraith Queens were played by the beautiful Andee Frizzle and as she has not graced the UK since 2005 so we feel privileged and ecstatic to announce her being at our event.

However if you are of a nervous disposition, don’t worry as she is a vegetarian. 

Andee has also appeared in “Supernatural”, “Flash Gordon” (TV Series) and Gene Roddenberry’s “Andromeda” alongside SG1’s Christopher Judge!

Guest Announcement – Suanne Braun!

We are so pleased to welcome back Suanne, or Hathor as we know her best!

She gave us so many laughs at CM2 and, as it was a pure pleasure her being there; we could not resist bringing her back again.

As well as Stargate, she has appeared in “Just Shoot Me” “F/X- the series” “Red Dwarf” and “Starhyke”.

Suanne is no stranger to live audiences either, and has numerous credits from Theatre Productions, West End Musicals and Stand-up Comedy.

Guest Announcement – Tony Amendola!

We are so thrilled and delighted to be announcing and welcoming Tony Amendola, or better known as Master Bra’tac of Chulak!

A well-loved character, mentor and great friend of Teal’c, and we can’t wait for him to greet our Wil Ross of Texas. 

Also known for his parts in the Zorro films, and TV Series, including recurring rolls in Continuum and Once Upon a Time and has been in episodes of Babylon 5, Star Trek Voyager, Angel, the X Files and many more.

Get purchasing those tickets folks, this isn’t one to be missed!