Cal Mah 3 – Postponed due to Covid-19 (Corona Virus)

Dear FCD Events Family,

We, Wil Ross & David Limburg write this not as the directors of FCD Events or as an event organisers but as a fan of events in general and as a concerned member of the public.

Covid-19 is fast becoming a global pandemic with more & more confirmed cases with each passing hour, this a clear & present danger to the health & safety of everyone.
It is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a genuine risk to public safety even to the fittest of us but in particularly to those who already suffer with long term illness, lower immunodeficiency, respiratory & heart illnesses.

Sadly, we feel that the UK government are not responding fast enough to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and by the time they do take stronger action it will possibly be too late already, unlike our European brothers & sisters who are being extremely proactive in the fight against Coronavirus.

As responsible event organisers, taking everything into consideration such as our venue lay out, just how close quarters our events are and just how many people we know of who attend our events who don’t have the best of health(I must also include myself in this category as well).

After consulting with our celebrity guests, our venue, our team and a selection of our attendees based on the current information available to us via The World Health Organisation, where there is a firm belief that Covid-19 will reach its peak in 12 weeks time placing that directly in Cal Mah’s path.

With the public already in panic mode, We feel there is only one course of action we can take and to do otherwise would be only demonstrate great irresponsibility & go against everything we stand for.

With this in mind, it is with a heavy heart and much sadness we feel we can no longer in good faith allow Cal Mah 3 to proceed as planned knowing that by doing so we could be placing members of the general public, our celebrity guests and of course our own team’s health, safety & well-being at risk.


Cal Mah 3 will now take place at a soon to be agreed upon a date.

All Cal Mah tickets which are non refundable will remain valid and can be used for the new dates when announced.

For those of you have booked directly with the hotel on a nonrefundable basis, we are working on finding a solution where you will hopefully be allowed to transfer your booking to new Cal Mah date.

We will update you as soon as we have some more information.

This decision not only acts as a safeguard to our attendees, guests and team but also ensure FCD Events as a company is able to protect our future events planned for November 2020 & April 2021.

While we know that 99.9% of you will understand & respect our decision, we also know that a number of you will not get it.

So before you think about complaining, let me say this:
Running an event under normal conditions is an extremely difficult & stressful time because you are responsible for everything from ensuring the doors open on time to the health & safety of each & every single person attending the event which is exactly why we are making this decision now.

Wil & David.